New Black Ops 2 DLC Packs Introduce More Customization


Customization is a fun feature in Black Ops 2, and now, Xbox 360 users can purchase some new DLC packs to color up their weapons and calling cards. The publisher says that the new DLC is a direct response to fan requests for various additions to the game that won’t affect the balance in multiplayer. Camo for weapons even allows players to wrap their weapons in bacon.  Mmm, bacon. In addition, new reticle designs have been released to switch up the appearance of the red dot sight.

These new “luxury items” will also introduce additional loadout slots as well as extra storage space in Theater Mode. This DLC releases 10 additional Create-a-Class slots, the option to archive 20 more emblems, add 32 additional films, and allow up to 40 more screenshots on your 360’s hard drive. New “Flags of the World” calling card packs are also available and are divided up into geographical regions.

But while these new packs focus primarily on customization, Activision has also announced that Nuketown 2025 will be free to anyone interested, with Nuketown Zombies available to download for 400 Microsoft Points.

For now, these new releases have only been found on the 360, and while it’s obvious that this content will eventually appear on the PS3 and PC, no official date has been announced.

What comes as a disappointment, though, is the ridiculous fact that this Micro content is not included for people that have already purchased a Season Pass. Everyone is required to pay for it. Would you be willing to shell out more money for a bacon skin for your favorite weapon?

I doubt I would, even if it is bacon.



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