Sony Reveals Tidbits about PS4


Sony managed to hook in future consumers with their PS4 reveal, and while other features have not really been touched on, it seems Sony is having fun tossing out some minor details that may interest hungry people. Here are a few little details released at the PS4’s GDC panel:

  • The PlayStation 4 controller can be charged even while the PS4 is turned off.
  • The PS4’s new eye motion camera has a tilt sensor so it can tell players when it is facing the wrong direction or if it has fallen off your TV stand.
  • The PlayStation 4’s Blu-ray disc drive is three times faster than the PlayStation 3’s.
  • The standing 100 friends cap is being raised to an unknown amount.
  • You can opt-in for the console’s “True Name” social functionality to allow people to either see your real name or your PlayStation Network ID, unless you find a friend through Facebook or other social media plugs where your real name is already your main ID.
  • The Gaikai-powered Remote Play functionality between the PS4 and Vita is said to be “much better.” Not only can it display your PS4 games in the Vita’s native resolution (960 x 544), but it can be activated at any given time rather than having to be preset.

Details about the new console (including how it looks) have been miniscule, but already it looks like Sony has transformed the PlayStation into a powerhouse product that I am excited to get my hands on! Microsoft has yet to reveal the mysterious Xbox 720, but with the rumors surrounding the Durango and the lack of response from Microsoft… I have little faith that the latest Xbox will beat the features the PS4 has to offer. Hopefully we will hear some solid news at this year’s E3.



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