Xbox 720 Rumors Create More Rumors


Ever since the PS4 reveal, rumors of the Durango, particularly the news of an always-online console has placed Microsoft beneath a cloud of disappointment and negativity that was only enhanced by Adam Orth’s sarcastic and childish responses. But now it seems that an anonymous source is trying to debunk these rumors.

“You are not required to be connected to the internet in order to play Durango games and [Microsoft] were NEVER considering doing such a thing.”

I find myself skeptical. After the Twitter rants offered by Orth and his inevitable “firing”, could this simply be a bit of damage control in an attempt to strengthen the connection between Microsoft and their fan base? The timing is a bit strange. But more information has surfaced.

The Durango will supposedly include an Xbox 360 system-on-a-chip, which makes for both 100 percent backwards compatibility with 360 games and some additional processing power for other tasks. And while Sony and Nintendo have made strides to support indie developers, the report claims that the next Xbox will best PlayStation 4 and Wii U’s developer accessibility through one simple stroke: Durango will run Windows 8.

While it wouldn’t be the PC version, this would be more like the desktop-free Windows which some Microsoft Surface tablets use. Because of this, developers could push any controller-enabled games onto the marketplace with a single license.

In addition, the Durango’s controller will sport an improved directional pad, and is otherwise similar to the 360’s design. It also claims that Microsoft will release its own Apple TV set-top-box competitor complete with 360 support. This will mean it will not include a disc drive, so its game lineup will be limited to Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade.

If these rumors are in fact true, the talk of the next-gen competition could spring over to Microsoft’s side, overwhelming Sony fans with the idea of backwards compatibility and a more “entertainment-centered” console. What do you think of these rumors? Could this information pull the next Xbox to the top of the consumer’s list?


2 thoughts on “Xbox 720 Rumors Create More Rumors

  1. I really refuse to believe anything I hear about the next gen Xbox until we get official announcements. There are too many people getting angry over features that may or may not happen. There’s no point going crazy over it just yet.

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