Marvel Reclaims Daredevil Rights


Previously owned by 20th Century Fox, Daredevil had been “under the gun to make another Daredevil movie before October 10, 2012 or risk seeing the rights to the character revert back to Marvel.” At a press conference this week for Iron Man 3, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige was asked if Marvel now had the Daredevil rights back in their possession and he answered simply, “Yes.”

Could this potentially mean that an updated movie could eventually be in the works? In 2003, Matt Murdock was first introduced on the big screen as the blind superhero, disappointingly missing the mark for anxious Daredevil fans, and somehow managing to spin off an Elektra movie that failed tremendously in the box office in 2005. Could a reboot finally introduce a Daredevil movie that Marvel fans would enjoy?

Who would you like to see cast?



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