Black Ops 2 – CTF Mini Highlights Video (League Play)


I’m slowly returning back to video! While the process is tedious and downright frustrating, I’m trying to really expand my knowledge and come up with multiple ways to give you guys entertainment… and Call of Duty is always fantastic to record. While writing will always be my first form of communication, maybe I’ll be able to grow some skill in video editing and present a mixture of content for all of you. The itch to commentate is starting to return as well so… look forward to some new stuff in the future!

In this video I’m playing some Capture the Flag on League Play in Black Ops 2, and while the game wasn’t too fantastic overall, I had some wicked moments in the first round and I had to share them with you guys. For those wondering, I play only on the PS3, and I’m slowly climbing the ladder in the Platinum division. I think I was somewhere in the 40s… but that’s probably incorrect now! So here’s a tiny video for you. Hope you enjoy!

To those that are ranked in League Play, where are you at in the ladder? What’s your favorite competitive gametype?


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