Who Should Appear in a Female Expendables Movie?


The first two Expendables movies introduced an all-star cast of action stars, incorporating the fights, the humor, and the explosions necessary to create an entertainment piece intended to hold the attention of hardcore action movie fans. Recently, though, reports of a female Expendables cast have appeared, and while no specific details have emerged (other than the fact that it will most likely happen), a few popular names have appeared, including Katee Sackhoff, Linda Hamilton, and Gina Carano.

Even though an all-female ensemble sounds amazing, fans of the first two films, and particularly fans of female action stars, have voiced their opinions about who should be in the movie.

I am a woman (it’s true… I checked) and I am fairly picky about the image of the female action badass… so of course I had to come up with a list of actresses that I would love to see in this movie!

Lucy Lawless


Xena: Warrior Princess is the greatest show in the history of all time ever. Nothing you say will ever change my opinion. This badass heroine journeyed around the ancient world battling anything from laughable minions to gods, all while establishing a poignant relationship with her companion Gabrielle and proving the point that women can kick ass too. And she did it all in a metal bra and a skirt. And with a fan base that continues to grow and become more powerful (which I’m infinitely proud to be a part of), it shows that the world is ready to reignite the strong presence that Lucy Lawless created in our living rooms. Not to mention, showing off Lawless’ action abilities on the big screen could be just the thing to spark a Xena movie. We can all hope!

Milla Jovovich


We’ve seen Milla on the big screen. I know she has the action chops to bring this movie along. She is ultimately my favorite as Leeloo in The Fifth Element, but she has displayed her darker side in films such as the Resident Evil series and Ultraviolet, and has already established herself as a capable action star. Seeing her shine inside of an ensemble would be fun to see.

Saoirse Ronan


Hanna was a movie that shocked me, and it immediately became one of my favorites. Seeing this young girl kick ass was extremely entertaining, and it was nice to see a “new” actress fill some action shoes. Seeing a youthful presence interact with some of the “founders” of modern female action stars would be an interesting mix.

Eliza Dushku


Faith. Need I say more? In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dushku introduced the misguided slayer Faith, who starts out as a semi-good guy, then turns evil, and then turns good again. What I loved the most about Faith was the fact that she didn’t bother with diplomatic situations. She kicked ass and she loved doing it. And that’s exactly what a female Expendables needs.

Carrie Anne Moss


Trinity was a pretty cool character in The Matrix, and it successfully showed that Moss could pull off some action work… especially in some tight pants and sunglasses, but I see her as more of a badass from her voice over work as Aria T’Loak in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect fans smile and nod… I know you agree. While the majority of the asari are depicted as worldly sex symbols (not including commandos… or Liara), Aria was using her power in her own way and reveled in the ruthlessness and fear she inflicted.

This is only a small list of women that could successfully walk away from an explosion in slow motion. Could a female Expendables work? Who would you like to see cast?


4 thoughts on “Who Should Appear in a Female Expendables Movie?

  1. I would love to see Lucy Lawless in this movie kicking ass again and doing her most of her own stunts on the big screen but would love more to see her star in a Xena Movie!!!
    We fans are fighting for a Xena Movie and u can check it out at the Xena 2011 Movie Campaign on facebook!

  2. If Sarah Michelle Gellar could still act, I’d vote her for her Buffy credentials. Everyone else here I think is perfect, especially Lucy Lawless. I loved Xena as a young boy for a good number of reasons.

  3. so this is my cast for the expendables 3 aka the Expenda- Belles Angelina Jolie leads the top female assasins to take down the powerful all female gang led by the one Miss Uma Thurman. Jolie’s team Jennifer Garner as she is the female Jason Statham, the female Jet Li Zhang Ziyi from crouching tiger, the slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Russian Mila Jovovich, and Kill Bills Vivica A Fox. On Thurmans team the Insane Eliza Dushku british badass Kate Beckinsale, and the Mighty Michelle Rodriguez along with Stacy Kiebler and Crush from American Gladiators. Cameos from Legends Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver,Jamie Lee Curtis and Lucy Lawless.(for laughs Brigite Nielson and or Princess Leia) and for the tween audience throw Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stuwart in there hey did okay in Hunger games and Snow white.

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