Current Xbox Consoles Could See Major Price Drop


While May 21st still marks the highly anticipated date of the Xbox 720’s reveal, Microsoft is not finished with their current-gen presence. Deep price discounts are always expected beneath the shadow of a new console release, but with the growth of technology such as the OUYA, could top dogs like Microsoft potentially be facing a new and different competitor?

Rumors indicate that Microsoft may slash the current 4GB Xbox 360 to as low as $99, but perhaps prices could fall even lower if correctly based on past data.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t have the sufficient deal data to analyze that price drop, so instead we turned to the next closest thing– the PlayStation 3’s impact on PlayStation 2 deals. When the former made its in-store debut back in 2006, deals on the PS2 dropped in price by a whopping 61% the same month. If we apply that logic to the Xbox 360, we could expect deals on the Xbox 360 console to drop in price by about the same percentage when the Xbox Durango hits store shelves.

“And considering the Xbox 360 4GB console has a current MSRP of $199.99, that means deals on the Xbox 360 could price it as low as $78– significantly cheaper than the upcoming OUYA console and about $21 bucks shy of the top-of-the-line Roku player.”

A $78 Xbox 360 could sound like a steal to gamers who have yet to purchase the console, but despite the massive price drop, an Xbox Live subscription will still be required (at the same price) for any consumer interested in taking advantage of the online features. And even though many places do offer sales on the membership, my interest still remains mostly non-existent.

As a PS3 owner, all of my online needs are satisfied (my bank account loves me more as well), and with Sony’s PlayStation Network service free, I can focus on retaining a media center through Netflix and Hulu Plus without also tacking on an extra XBL fee. No matter how great and secure 360 fans deem Microsoft’s service, more money in my pocket is always just a little more satisfying.

And besides, if Microsoft is planning a massive price drop on current-gen models, PlayStation could always do something similar. And in my opinion, that sounds way more enticing.


One thought on “Current Xbox Consoles Could See Major Price Drop

  1. I think the Ouya would cater to the same people as the Wii, which is casual gamers. I believe that current gen consoles would continue to sell long after next gen is released, much like how the PS2 endured for 12 years. There are still a lot of people who are only getting their Xbox 360s or PS3s now, and price drops and bundles will only help sales.

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