EA Obtains Star Wars, Still Attracts Hate


EA is one of the most controversial companies that exist, with two yearly wins as the worst company in America, and the hate that many people feel for this company has only seemed to grow. I’ve avoided the games that require numerous micro-transactions, and Sim City entirely missed the mark for me, so honestly I haven’t experienced very many EA woes.

Maybe that is why I’m feeling slightly hopeful for the Star Wars games that we will see in the future. People have automatically disagreed with me, give me pointed looks and reminding me about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I kind of have no choice but to nod and grudgingly agree. But I’m a bit of a dreamer, and I would love to see EA learn from their mistakes and start creating some more memorable titles.

Because you absolutely cannot sit there and tell me that Mass Effect is an awful series (even with 3’s ending controversy). And you cannot tell me that the two Dragon Age games aren’t entertaining… even with the second one’s setbacks. Both series are hands down my two absolute favorites for several legitimate reasons, and while they both carry their flaws (every game does), they are both very solid and prosperous titles.

And those are the two series I think about when I wonder what an EA Star Wars game could be like. While I wonder what kind of online aspects would inevitably be attached to these projects, I tend to focus more on the possibilities of single player experiences. Could EA hand some of the reins to BioWare to develop some story-centered Star Wars pieces that would cater to the lore and excite RPG fans? I’d like to think they would.

EA has crashed beneath their business approach and customer service, and undoubtedly, greed has had to play a factor in all of this, but I can’t dismiss the hopeful feel that EA presents with their creativity. Because inside of their RPG content, they have no doubt created some massive universes and deep stories that could enhance the Star Wars experience. Your opinion most likely differs from mine, however, and I’ll agree to disagree. However, immediately shunning the company simply for what has happened in the past could only ruin the interest in some potentially riveting titles.

We’ve already seen what BioWare could do in outer space through Mass Effect. Creating a deep Star Wars experience, especially as a single player RPG, could be amazing. And with that, I’ll let your minds wonder…


2 thoughts on “EA Obtains Star Wars, Still Attracts Hate

  1. I’m definitely with you on this one. I’m not saying I’m not cautious given what happened to SWTOR and what EA has done with some of their other titles, but as you said, they’ve also put out some truly amazing games. The Mass Effect games are my favourite ever, so I definitely have faith that they COULD make awesome Star Wars games. I’m also hoping that they hand the reins over to BioWare After all, they made Knights of the Old Republic, one my favourite RPGs ever (only second to Mass Effect – unsurprising given how similar they are) and giving the KOTOR 2 to Obsidian to develop was largely regarded as a huge mistake, so we already know BioWare can make awesome award-worthy Star Wars games! I’m definitely interested to see what they’ll come up with and I’m reserving judgment until I actually play something.

  2. I feel the exact same way, spent a bit of time on my blog trying to convince people that the end is not nigh! No matter what anyone’s thoughts of EA are(and most of them are bad), its hard to deny that they have some truly exceptional developers in their stable. Between Devs like BioWare, DICE and Visceral, there’s a lot of potential for some great games to come out of this deal. I would personally kill to see BioWare at the helm of another single-player Star Wars RPG.

    I think EA may be starting to see that their constant meddling in game development causes nothing but problems. I feel like it’s no coincidence that they purchased the rights to Star Wars while simultaneously owning the developer of one of the most highly acclaimed Star Wars titles ever.

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