PS4 Console Possibly Leaked?


While no official news about the appearance of the PS4 has been revealed, it is possible that it has been leaked inside of what appears to be a possible E3 ad. Sony has said nothing about the mysterious ad yet, but the people that have seen it have expressed their approval if this is, in fact, the actual PlayStation 4 console. But until Sony says yes or no, this simply remains as a very attractive rumor. Do you think it’s fake or real?



5 thoughts on “PS4 Console Possibly Leaked?

  1. IGN says this is a fake ad, and I definitely think it is, but it is extremely well done. I would not be disappointed at all if the PS4 actually looked like that. That’s a pretty sleek looking box that would look great on my gaming center. Of course I don’t really care what it looks like, it’s going to be a day one purchase for me regardless.

    • Yeah, Sony confirmed it was a fake… unfortunately. That is a stunning piece of fake equipment that would look amazing beneath my television. However, I’m with you. I’ll be getting the PS4 on release no matter the appearance.

      • What about the next Xbox, do you have any interest in that? I don’t foresee Microsoft being able to announce anything next week that will even make me consider picking one up anywhere near launch. Especially if they continue with Xbox LIVE in its current form. I don’t mind paying a monthly/yearly subscription for something of value like PS+, but LIVE is a joke.

      • Free online play was the main reason why I got a PS3 vs the 360. Live is a huge turnoff to me, no matter what people say to defend it. The PS4 looks like a solid console with a lot to offer, and even though the new Xbox hasn’t been revealed, the bad press and the way Microsoft has handled it is enough to make me second guess them. They have to outdo Sony’s next-gen qualities… and I don’t think they can this time.

        I look forward to seeing the reveal if only to watch the obnoxious fanboys get disappointed.

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