Nintendo, Consumers, Entitlement, and a Little Ranting


They say bad press is good press in the business, and while that may be true for major companies like Nintendo, it tends to pull out some sour grapes and then forces you to eat them with nothing to wash it down. I’m talking about the consumers that respond to bad press and disappointment. Are they right to boycott against a company because of bad news, or is this a heightened sense of entitlement that some fans develop? Nintendo has reportedly claimed ownership of YouTube videos that display their content, successfully creating a whirlwind of anger and negative responses, particularly from YouTube creators that depend on ad support to help with their own income.

While I can sympathize and even agree with the anger expressed toward Nintendo, I strictly disagree with the methods displayed on the internet. And I target my disagreement toward both sides of the argument. This inevitably grinds down toward another important topic that exists inside of the gaming industry: Are money-spending fans entitled to their boycotts and dramatic disagreements? In a way, I think yes. This has been displayed toward companies such as EA, and I don’t see how these events should differ simply because it is Nintendo trapped in the negative spotlight.

One thing that does disgust me, however, is the response from “professional” entities on social networks. I can understand being passionate about Nintendo and their games. Hell, if this had anything to do with my favorite titles and the companies that created them, I might feel the need to act a little brash. But as a person that shares news, I understand that there is an etiquette that needs to be respected, particularly inside of social networking. Bad press and passion mixes rather dramatically. I will never declare someone a disloyal fan simply because they personally feel as if they need to boycott a company that has disappointed them.  This is simply business. This is supply and demand. The video game industry is already piled with enough controversy and immaturity to make me cringe… I don’t understand why other figures are simply escalating the trouble.

To the YouTube creators that may suffer from this news, I sincerely apologize. It’s a bummer. But at the same time, people need to realize that money-makers such as YouTube ride on risk. The business is in constant motion and will be forever changing. This exists in any part of the entertainment industry, including journalism. I can understand that. I can desperately pray that my portals of publishing and sharing are never ripped away, but I understand that they can be. Is it wrong? Hell yes. And I have no power over it. People need to learn to accept and evolve with change, particularly change that is bad or disappointing.

Simply put: Business doesn’t go out of its way to make your life easier. That’s your job.

But Nintendo… WTF?!




One thought on “Nintendo, Consumers, Entitlement, and a Little Ranting

  1. It’s entirely true. Disagreement and criticism is one thing, but the amount of venom and vitriol that people are able to produce in the wake of these decisions is another thing entirely.

    Reasonable and consistent criticism can be a force for change, lack of etiquette, disrespect and disproportionate statements will be easily dismissed as trolling. Which makes me sincerely hope that my disagreement fell in to the former category…but I digress.

    Excellent post! It would do everyone some good to follow in your example and take a step back once in a while, to really look at the context in which we exist.

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