TV and Movie Review Submissions

As the sole writer here at PhoenixDown, I’ve taken pride in my ability to write and post content to entertain you guys, and I’m in the process of expanding my circle of content to include all of the major forms of entertainment available – video games, movies, comic books, and television. And while expansion is a good thing, it makes my job a lot more difficult! I am always looking for guest bloggers to send in content, but with the introduction of more topics, I wanted to publish a quick post inviting all of the writers that didn’t think their writing was suitable for PhoenixDown to come back!


Movie and television reviews are something I really want to start focusing on, but life tends to get in the way of that and sometimes movies and episodes are missed. If you are interested in sending in a movie review (preferably a new release) or a review of a recent television episode, here are some guidelines to take note of:

  • Reviews are loosely based on a point system with 1 being the worst to 10 being the best. Make sure your score reflects what you wrote. Don’t say that Iron Man 3 was the best movie you’ve ever seen and then give it a 5.
  • Reviews can contain spoilers but that should be clearly noted at the beginning of the article.
  • Reviews should contain around 1000 words, explaining the different points that make up the movie: Story, characters, graphics, etc. Just make sure there is depth and good reason.
  • If you’re reviewing a specific television episode, make sure you include the title of it in the subject. Ex. Review: Television Show- Episode Title
  • Make sure that your review is sent as an attachment, preferably as a Word document.
  • If you have images to include, add them as attachments as well. Although they are not necessary, they will make your post stand out and look better.
  • Featured images should be at least 950 pixels by 425 pixels, otherwise it won’t appear in the slideshow on the home page!
  • Try not to send in reviews that have already been posted. For example, I already wrote an Iron Man 3 review… another one isn’t needed.
  • To get a better idea of how your review should look, feel free to read through the ones I have posted!
  • All content should be sent to

Other kinds of content besides reviews are always welcome as well and are encouraged to be sent in! There aren’t any other specific guidelines concerning other pieces, but feel free to check out the submissions page to get more info.




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