Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – First Impressions

Attack On Titan

I’m not a fan of anime.

Not because I don’t like it, but because I’ve never really had the chance to be truly exposed to it, and because of that, I never really developed the urge to jump into it myself. Fortunately, I was randomly introduced to Attack on Titan, and I immediately fell in love with it.

Set in a dystopian world, the remnants of the human population live inside cities surrounded by massive walls to protect them from giant humanoid creatures known as titans, which are known to devour humans without any specific reason. The story revolves around Eren Jaeger, a hot-headed boy who vows to slaughter the titans, and Mikasa Ackerman, a mysterious girl adopted by Eren’s father, who vows to accompany Eren in his mission in order to keep him alive.

Never before has an anime or television show truly scared me, but this show managed to frighten me from the beginning. In the moment when the titans break through the first wall, I was entranced and horrified by what I was seeing. The titans themselves are frightening creatures to even look at, even when they seemingly appear more human-like in their faces and expressions. Of course, suddenly falling to the bottom of the food chain is terrifying in itself, and seeing a city of desperate people trying to survive in the midst of this terror is… well, terrifying.

Anime fans should definitely check this one out. It offers an immediate rush of mystery and emotion that will keep you entertained until the very end. And while I’m not too incredibly far into the show yet (I hate having to wait for episode releases), it has been an absolute delight to watch so far… y’know, in a creepy, nightmarish way. I look forward to uncovering the mystery of the titans, and as the show has progressed, I’ve been able to develop my own theories.

But for now, I’ll leave you to your own curiosity. What are some of your favorite anime shows to watch? I don’t know much about them whatsoever and would love to discover some other awesome series.

[UPDATE]: I added a new, fan-made trailer to replace the one that stopped working. My apologies!


7 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – First Impressions

  1. I’ve pretty much been blown away by the very first episode, and been enjoying it ever since. I do like anime but I don’t focus on it that much, I usually get by with word of mouth. However, I saw a trailer for it (the one you just posted) and was like, “At worst, this anime will at least be a joy to watch, but at best it should be awesome!” And yep, it has been awesome! It makes me think about checking out the manga series for it. I was made aware that the series was published in English. I’m tempted to read that!

    The only other anime series that I’ve watched in recent years that made me go, “This is awesome” was Death Note, which I learned was helmed by the same Director of Attack on Titan, and Mawaru Penguindrum, where I’m still not completely sure what I ended up watching, but I just kept watching and watching and watching, and then I rewatched it again! Don’t know if the shows I listed will appeal to you, but just decided to throw that out there since you asked 😀

    • I wasn’t aware that the series had been published in English! I may have some reading in my future. I had a friend introduce Death Note to me a while back, but it ended up getting forgotten in the midst of everything else. I may have to watch it again if I have the time.

  2. I tend to lean more towards shojo anime, so I’m not sure if you’ll be into that. Series I have enjoyed are Ouran High School Host Club, Trigun, Full Metal Alchemist, Cardcaptor Sakura, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Midori Days. The ones I’ve listed are a mix of shojo and shonen. These are old, but still good to watch!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely look them up and see what happens. With my luck I’ll get addicted and end up becoming a hermit that does nothing but watch anime and play games… 😛

  3. Litterally the scariest shit I’ve ever seen. Unless you actually WANT nightmares, then stay away. But I guess you’ll find out for yourselves at the end of episode one. Definitely not my type of show.

    • Isn’t it terrifying?! I just recently watched the first episode again and I bawled. No shame. I honestly think I like it because of that fear, though. It’s definitely a psychological attack, and I repeatedly catch myself wondering “what if?” Now that I’ve gotten into the season, though, things have kind of lost the “instant” terror and moved into a more action-oriented show, but I have a feeling things are going to end up pretty scary again… it’s definitely going to be a roller coaster of emotions.

  4. Great piece, I’m really glad you’re enjoying the anime. I’ve been watching anime all my life, but it’s always amazing when a new series comes along and surprises me as much as this one does. While it is very much a “mainstream” anime and very, very popular in Japan, it’s also completely willing to take such a grotesque, disturbing route.

    While I’m not a fan of the J-Pop that inches its way in later in the series, I think Attack on Titan takes a step in a bold direction with the likes of other classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion. There are tons more like this, but this one always resonates with me most and is also a very popular anime despite its equally disturbing plot line.

    Keep watching! It gets better and better 🙂

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