The Only Sunshine That Doesn’t Burn (Sunshine Award)!

sunshine-award1  I almost had this posted yesterday, I really did, but I’m glad I didn’t because when I checked my inbox I found another nomination that completely shocked me. I’m so so so so incredibly honored for the mentions, guys. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what kind of responses I would attract. All of you have been brilliant rays of sunshine (fitting, eh?), and inside such a deep pool of talent, it’s an incredible honor to receive such a nomination. To begin my excited blubbering, here are the wonderful blogs that nominated me. All of you are fantastic: Button Smashers Blog, The Chindividual, and Recollections of Play.

And also thank you to the ones who continue to read and support me. There are several times when things get difficult and I wonder if continuing this blog is even something I should even bother dedicating my time to, but you guys make all of it worth it. Writing can be difficult but it’s the one thing I enjoy doing the most, and all of you make it a rewarding experience. I hope to continue to provide awesome content!


So to help the ones who may not understand what is going on here, the rules of this are pretty simple:

  • Use the award logo in a post
  • Include a link back to whoever nominated you
  • Offer 10 pieces of random information about you
  • Nominate ten other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  • Let your nominees know about their much deserved award

10 facts about me:

  1. Xena: Warrior Princess is the greatest show on the face of this earth. Nothing you say can make me believe otherwise.
  2. I started this blog as a place to write poetry. Then life became awesome and I couldn’t write anymore poems. Yay!
  3. I’m fairly introverted & have a hard time relating to people in real life. I tend to stay by myself because of it, and I prefer it that way.
  4. While eating a massive pretzel in the mall, I had an old lady tell me that I had empathic abilities. Random, freaky, and a little awesome. The pretzel was good, too.
  5. I have a lamp that sometimes turns on and off even while unplugged. My aunt gave it to me just before passing away. Haunted lamp ftw.
  6. Dragon Age is better than real life. I play both games constantly. Release DA3 NOW.
  7. I went through a period of intense songwriting. There’s a notebook filled with lyrics somewhere… maybe one day it’ll all get recorded.
  8. I never talked in high school. There were even people that sincerely thought I was mute.
  9. If I’m extremely sarcastic and weird to you, it’s because you make me feel comfortable. Please don’t kill me for annoying you.
  10. I used to have a stuttering problem & started doing YouTube commentaries to fix it. Stuttering is gone but now I hate talking even more.


Sorry to the ones that have already been nominated and published your own nominees. You’re going to get nominated again. Congrats, you’re officially awesome!

  1. Robo♥Beat
  2. CheeeseToastieandVideoGames
  3. At the Buzzer
  4. trivialpunk
  5. Geek Force Network
  6. The Vortex Effect
  7.  Counter Attack!
  8. The Chindividual
  9. Recollections of Play
  10. Link Saves Zelda



2 thoughts on “The Only Sunshine That Doesn’t Burn (Sunshine Award)!

  1. Congrats, and thanks for nominating my blog as well! I am so glad I discovered your blog, it’s one I always look forward to reading.

    I can also really relate to what you said about people thinking you were mute, because that’s what people thought about me when I was a kid. They would tell my mother, “I think Ashley needs speech therapy,” which always made my mom laugh because I talked so much at home… and because she’s a speech therapist.

    And I am sooo looking forward to DA3 too! I can’t wait to see what you think about it. I’m anticipating a lot of awesome reviews from you and all the other Dragon Age fans I follow in the future… =)

  2. Having loved DA:O, and having finally found my way in DA2, I’m all for DA3. More now please thank you. (And thanks for the nomination back 🙂 )

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