Fable Anniversary HD Remake Confirmed


Microsoft has confirmed that the new game from Lionhead Studios is Fable Anniversary, a HD remake of the original Fable which will include The Lost Chapters, SmartGlass integration, added Achievements, new UI, leaderboards, and a full 1080p HD visual update. Other new features confirmed include a new facial animation system, new cutscene animations, a new lighting system that wil use Unreal 3 to render the lighting, updated textures, models, particle effects, and save system.

Fable, first released, was like Dragon Age to me. I was completely obsessed. And now, my chicken-kicking abilities can be safely honed once again…

Fable Anniversary has been slated for a 2013 Holiday release on Xbox 360 only.



2 thoughts on “Fable Anniversary HD Remake Confirmed

  1. Loved Fable; used to play it all the time. If I had a 360 I’d be all over this (heck, may pick up a 360 one day when the price drops quite a bit as I’d love to be able to play the rest of the Fable and Halo games).

    Hopefully Microsoft will announce the long rumored Fable MMO at E3. If it happens, and is free-to-play, my interest in One will pick up considerably.

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