Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


Today, Rockstar Games released an official gameplay video displaying some things to expect once Grand Theft Auto V  is released. I have one thing to say: I want it now.

Several features were touched on, including gameplay mechanics, customization, switching viewpoints between characters, as well as fun things to do outside of the normal death and rampage that Grand Theft Auto is known for. This game looks like it will be a dream for the fans of free roaming. Cruising around the massive map inside of a newly customized car has never seemed more interesting given the multitude of activities that can be done. Planes can be flown, golf and tennis can be played, go scuba diving beneath the waves, and maybe enjoy some casual skydiving afterward.

Outside of the activities, the customization looks fairly reminiscent of San Andreas, allowing the player to buy new clothes for the three characters and even purchase tattoos. Customizing cars looks even more detailed. Hell, everything looks more detailed, which is why GTA V is going to be an incredible experience. Even the multiplayer is teased! GTA IV’s multiplayer was something that became old very fast (when I wasn’t running over other players at the airport), and I’m extremely curious to see how interactive GTA V’s new multiplayer will be. From a first glance, it looks freaking amazing!


3 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

    • I love the fact that you will actually be allowed to plan the way the heists will work. I’m looking forward to seeing how detailed that will actually be!

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