PS4 eliminates long pre-install process


It is the one thing I despise about buying new PS3 games: The install time. Fortunately, the long pre-install process that plagued every PS3 user over the past seven years will be wiped away with the PS4 release.

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Sony’s Neil Brown revealed that the same technology which allows PS4 users to play a game as it is downloading from the internet will also allow the PS4 to play a game while it is being installed from a disc.

“A similar system also works on Blu-ray, chunks are automatically copied to the hard drive in the background,” said Brown. “This means that after the first few minutes your game can rely on having faster read speeds from the hard drive.” A better experience will be provided for players since this feature is a completely background process. According to Brown, players don’t have to wait for anything to install before playing the game. The game will launch as soon as the disc has been put in the drive.

This was stated inside information revealing that players will be able to log in to their own accounts on other PS4 consoles and download their games to play. Fortunately with this new feature, players can enjoy their games without the frustrating long pre-install wait times. I’m looking forward to seeing how this actually works!


One thought on “PS4 eliminates long pre-install process

  1. I guess that the pre-play installation didn’t really bother me, after the first time it happened of course. I remember getting all amped up to play the first Bioshock game and then having to wait for what seemed like forever. After that, I guess I just lumped it into my pre-game ritual which gave me plenty of time to get situated and ready to hunker down a play.

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