Rambo: The Video Game reveal trailer looks less than exciting


Rambo: The Video Game is supposed to be an explosive shooter with some cover-shooter and stealth elements that sound entertaining in theory. But the reveal trailer only manages to showcase some cringe-worthy moments that make you ask, “Why?”

You become John Rambo through the films First Blood 1 and 2 and Rambo 3, even adding voice-tracks from the films. While the idea sounds pretty exciting — because everyone obviously wants to be Rambo– not much else sounds enticing enough to persuade me to buy the game. Publisher Reef Entertainment describes the game as a “rail-shooter with both cover and spray-shooting elements, similar to old-school games.” In the trailer, you can catch a glimpse of the combat action, including some close up neck stabs. Because neck stabs are rad. Or at least they’re supposed to be.

Reef Entertainment’s Will Curley told VG24/7, “Where we could we went for authenticity first and foremost. For example we initially had Rambo shooting his way out of the police-station as we had well developed shoot-out mechanics and it was fun to destroy the police-station from inside. However we replaced it with a 3rd person QTE (Quick Time Event) fight sequence that is more true to the films.

“For First Blood we give players the choice: play like Rambo, who minimized fatalities or if you want, you can go all guns blazing and shoot or knife to kill. In the First Blood section, stealth hunts with correct timing would give stun take-downs for example, or players can shoot weapons from cops’ hands to disarm them or other non-lethal areas such as arms and legs to incapacitate them.

“There’s still a lot to be said for the fun of destroying the lights in the town and shooting up the police station as Rambo does himself in the film, or blowing up the police cars as well. It doesn’t always have to be bloody kills that are satisfying, though playing that way is also possible and in testing most people play that way. If you want to go for high scores, though, it’s obviously better to play these levels like Rambo did in the films.”

While it is obvious that Rambo: The Video Game tries to retain the uniqueness of the Rambo films (while offering some freedom for individual player style), it appears to fail in almost every other quality. Even the explosions look less than exciting. What do you think of this first impression? Rambo: The Video Game launches on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC some time this year.


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