Post-Gfinity Thoughts: Could Call of Duty earn the same recognition as League of Legends?

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Gfinity just now ended, successfully riding off the waves of hype from MLG Anaheim where favorite Call of Duty teams battled it out for some ridiculous amounts of cash. Yes, I’m jealous. Despite the time difference, Gfinity was definitely an entertaining event, and I was able to catch some nail-biting moments in the tournament.  Congrats to Complexity for taking first place!

Watching this event after the recent League of Legends news made me think a lot about the future of eSports, and particularly Call of Duty. For those of you in the dark, recent news revealed that the United States has officially recognized League of Legends as an actual sport. Because of this, pro players could become eligible for visas just like athletes in organizations such as the…

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