Bid for costumes, props, and weapons from PlayStation’s Greatness Awaits video


“You’ve conquered worlds. Saved civilizations. Snatched victory from defeat. You’re great, let’s put your greatness to use. We’re placing items used in the Greatness Awaits video up for auction. The only way you can get them is with gold PlayStation trophies. Log in with your PSN account and take your best shot. Many will bid, the greatest will win.”

The items up for auction look pretty damn cool and include things such as the Infected Clicker costume (The Last of Us), black hand outfit (Killzone Shadow Fall), witch doctor cursed skull (Diablo 3), witch doctor mojo (Diablo 3), witch doctor garb (Diablo 3), Capt. Kenway cutlass (Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag), Capt. Kenway outfit (Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag), Delsin Rowe outfit (Infamous Second Son), Helghast sniper outfit (Killzone Shadow Fall), Dragonborn sword, Dragonborn dagger, Dragonborn shield, and Dragonborn Stalhrim mace (Skyrim).

Anyone with gold PlayStation trophies can bid, and emails will be sent when items have been outbid. So for those that enjoy earning trophies, start bidding here! All of the items look amazing.


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