Mass Effect 4 will retain open mind toward gender and romance options


Mass Effect 4 is still largely a mystery, especially beneath news of BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, but tiny bits of news are occasionally released, and while this news does not reveal anything too incredible in the Mass Effect universe, it is just enough to keep me hyped. BioWare Montreal’s studio director Yanick Roy answered some fan questions on Twitter.

The first question below addresses Mass Effect’s Genesis “catch-up” system, which relays the events of previous games and allows players to make certain choices to help develop their character and world. If something like this is included, then it would mean that certain actions in the previous three games could ultimately effect Mass Effect 4’s world.

But what seems to attract the most attention– both good and bad– is Mass Effect’s gender and romance options, both for straight and gay characters. In another question on Twitter, BioWare’s open-mindedness is addressed.

While these qualities may seem unimportant inside the rest of the content of the game, fans have always been highly responsive toward the romantic options available, and that includes supporting characters that can fall in love with both a male and female protagonist. The idea of BioWare excluding such a vital piece of a Mass Effect story never really worried me, however it is nice to see some confirmation that the small moments we loved the most in the first trilogy could still be present in the next.

Mass Effect 4 still remains overwhelmed beneath my excitement for Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I have no doubt that the next game will (hopefully) thrill with a new generation of characters and stories that will become just as riveting as the first three. But just for a little fun, who were your favorite characters to romance in the Mass Effect trilogy?

Liara all the way.

7 thoughts on “Mass Effect 4 will retain open mind toward gender and romance options

  1. Given the openess of ME:3 and the fact that you could essentially romance everyone in DA:2, this comes as little surprise.

    Speaking of surprises, Garrus had a good amount of double entendre, and Mordin was entertaining to watch squirm!

    • I wasn’t too worried about romance options because of the freedoms that could be explored in the past (especially DA2), but I was wondering about a character’s particular preference. I’ll have to find a post in David Gaider’s blog where he talks about different romance stories that would be interesting to explore. Not all of them would be epic, sappy love stories.

      For example, one love interest may cheat on you, one may have a different sexual preference, etc. I’m less worried about that idea and more curious if we could possibly see more stories like that. But then again I may be getting ahead of myself… which happens lot.

  2. I was worried because I thought it would probably depend on rating. If they keep ME for mature audiences, then there would be no reason not to continue their trend of relationship options. If they do what they did with SWTOR, there might be a problem. Not that LGBT relationship stories should be restricted to mature audiences either, but that seems to be their thought behind the process in SWTOR.

    Oh, and Garrus ftw. πŸ˜€

  3. To me, the Romance options were one of the best features of the game, so I was kinda worried about them not including it. I won’t say I would’ve let it spoil ME4 for me if they didn’t include it; but still…
    And as for my favorite romance

    Garrus all the way.

  4. I’m hoping that the romance options will be more varied between the different species of aliens(I’m REALLY hoping that Cora turns out to be an Asari). Romancing a krogan would be HILARIOUS(I wonder if I would get a poem for my trouble ^_^) and a Salarian romance has the potential to be down-right adorable ❀
    A romance with a Drell that ISN'T slowly dying of an incurable disease would also be quite nice. Please.

    (Preferably Feron. He's so gorgeous, what with his rainbow coloring and all ^_^)

    I'm also hoping that some of the minor characters my FemShep couldn't romance(*cough* Feron *cough*) will be brought back as romance options. Like say, I could finally give Shiala some attention. Or Kolyat (I don't know what it is about the Drell species, but they are so freaking lovable)

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