New Dragon Age: Inquisition details include glimpse of pre-alpha gameplay


Note: As with all of the information I collect, unless there is specific confirmation of the information below (most of it is confirmed), I advise you to take it lightly. All of this information has been absorbed from multiple sources. I apologize in advance if anything is incorrect! Keep an eye out for any future edits and corrections.

Dragon Age: Inquisition information is slowly becoming more and more unraveled, sharing the fact that Inquisition will definitely be a game to play and enjoy inside of the Dragon Age universe. New details, some of them differing from what we have heard in the past, are obvious signs that BioWare has been listening to fans.


Several things are obvious, but I’m interested to see how everything ties in with each other. The game is undoubtedly starting with Thedas already in chaos. The Chantry and the mages are at war, while the Seekers of Truth and Templars are no longer tied to Chantry rule. While all of this is occurring, Ferelden is still recovering from the Blight that took place 10 years ago, Orlais is involved with a civil war, and a tear in the sky is allowing demons to cross into the world freely without necessarily having to take a mage host.

Your character, the Inquisitor, acts as the head of the Inquisition after being the only surviving witness during the mysterious breach. You will have the ability to lead the organization rather than control a mere foot soldier. Before, it was stated that the Inquisitor would be a human male/female, but now it appears that at least two other races will be available to choose from: elf and dwarf. Unlike Hawke, there supposedly won’t be a pre-set name for your character, but the silent protagonist days are long gone. The Inquisitor will be fully voiced, a quality that I thoroughly enjoyed in Dragon Age 2. I’m interested to see how the Inquisitor’s voice will react with your personality and choices.

What excites me (and will most likely frustrate me in-game) is the fact that you will have to overcome resistance, a hindrance that will eventually become easier as the Inquisition gains more power and respect. Events will take place as you perform them instead of being relayed by another character. So as you finish objectives, gain items, and help others, the Inquisition’s reputation and strength will rise.



Cassandra and Varric from Dragon Age 2 are apparently playable party members, one thing I immediately wondered after seeing both of them in the first teaser. Morrigan, however, won’t be a party member, but her role may be more than just a cameo. Loose ends will be resolved, and with Morrigan’s presence, I wonder if we’ll learn more about her fate, the possible presence of the “god child”, as well as Flemeth’s fate.

Vivienne, an Inquisitor mage, may also be a party member. She was in line to hold the position of First Enchanter in the Circle of Orlais, but couldn’t take the position due to the Orlesian civil war.

According to the writers, they created certain characters around the story’s main themes and conflicts. Not all characters are created so that you’ll like them, but other allies and loyalties are currently unknown. What is interesting, however, is that you will learn early on that there is someone in particular behind the demon breach. What I’m wondering is if this key character will simply be one of several potential “villains” in the game considering that there will be different loyalties and factions to consider.

A nice addition to the gameplay is the fact that you can now ride a mount during exploration. Hopefully my horse won’t mysteriously disappear in Inquisition like it did in Skyrim… I spent a lot of money on that horse!



There will be a crafting system that will allow you to use materials from around the world as well as enemies you defeat to make customized armor. Your characters will retain their normal look, but the armor you customize will have a huge influence on how they appear. I’m interested to see just how extensive this process is just for the fact that I’m a huge fan of customization, particularly in RPGs.

As the Inquisitor, you will need to make choices as problems develop, thinking about potential consequences and dealing with them if they happen. This is one thing I love about BioWare’s games, and hopefully now the consequences will seem more jarring and sudden. But choices won’t always rest over dark morals which would be a nice change.

A dialogue wheel similar to Dragon Age 2 will allow you to make choices, only now it contains additions that offer more clarity about the options you choose. This time, though, your choices will have an impact throughout the world. I look forward to seeing how these changes occur. One thing that irritated me in DA2 was the fact that nothing really changed. Everything looked exactly the same in Kirkwall.



The Inquisition has a long reach, but it will be up to you to strengthen its power and presence. Because of this, you’ll be able to visit multiple large locations in several different regions. And best of all? No repetitive environments! While it isn’t open-world, the areas are enormous and should offer plenty of exploration.  Areas will change based on the time, and weather will impact exploration. FINALLY!

If you destroy something, you can construct something. If you have a mage character, you can reassemble a crumbled footbridge to reach a new area. It appears that you may be able to convert ruined outposts into Inquisition strongholds.



It’s been said before, but the battle pace should be a deliberate mesh of action and RPG, hopefully creating a pace that will rest between DA:O’s and DA2’s combat systems. Battle won’t always be a pause-and-play event, but it also won’t always be filled with tons of fast-paced action. The plan is to slow down the speed of attacks and create enemies that will force you to examine the battlefield and choose a proper course of action.

You’ll be able to directly control a character with the ability to switch between all characters in your party at will. Party members will be able to work together… but so will enemies. Enemies have a better AI system now and can apparently make planned attacks based on their strengths. Everything should become less frantic and more deliberate in battle.


2 thoughts on “New Dragon Age: Inquisition details include glimpse of pre-alpha gameplay

  1. Nice post! This made me squeal with excitement, and I’m so glad you put this together so I can stay updated. (I missed all the news today!) I really look forward to the exploration in this, especially being able to ride a horse and seeing a more dynamic environment that changes with the weather, etc. That sounds awesome!

    Also, the music at the very end of that Game Informer video…. ohmygod, all my old feelings from playing Origins!!! =)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! It took forever to collect everything and piece them together, but it’s so exciting to see what will be added this time. Inquisition is the game I’m looking forward to the most! And that music… I always have to stop what I’m doing just to listen. Gives me chills. ❤ Dragon Age!

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