UMG Atlanta Spotlight: @ConqueRNifty


This year’s UMG Atlanta event was exciting for me simply because of the fresh direction it would take. With OpTic out of the competition (I’m a definite OpTic fan), it was fun to focus on teams like EnvyUs who had recently made an important roster change by welcoming Karma into the team, and Epsilon (formerly Impact) who lost Karma and brought on John in their own roster change. What was also fun was seeing the spotlight on teams that don’t often survive beneath the extended exposure that is often placed on the more popular teams, so it was nice to get introduced to some different names and faces.

It’s not often when you see top Call of Duty teams fall beneath new talent, but when it happens it’s hard not to give props, and Nifty has definitely created a stir inside the world of competitive Call of Duty. At just 15 years old, Nifty definitely demonstrated that age doesn’t matter as he sealed a win for his team in a clutch Capture the Flag overtime move against nV that left everyone shocked. The energy created by that moment was insane!

It is kids like this that make me hope that competitive Call of Duty continues to grow. In a world where top teams like OpTic, EnvyUs, Complexity, and Epsilon (formerly known as Impact) dominate the popularity contests, fresh talent is nice to see, and Conquer no doubt introduced some challenges and forced everyone to realize that these favorite teams can be beaten.

I look forward to seeing Nifty’s future. He has succeeded in obtaining lots of new supporters, and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. Win or lose (UMG is still on as I write this), Conquer has left their mark in competitive Call of Duty. Make sure you subscribe to Nifty’s YouTube Channel and follow Conquer’s Twitter. I doubt we’ve seen the last of this team.


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