Peter Molyneux says Xbox One backlash has been ‘unfair’


Note: Some buttons may or may not be intentionally pushed in this article. It’s a response with less editing and more ranting. No serious offense is intended. Enter at your own risk… especially Xbox One fans.

Peter Molyneux feels like the Xbox One has been wrongly treated by the public. Wait, who? No seriously… who is Peter Molyneux? Have I been living under a suffocating rock and completely missed the appearance of this dude or did I honestly just pass him up in the endless sea of opinions? Oh, he’s a video game designer and game programmer. My bad… I’m not very good with names.

This is apparently Peter Molyneux.

This is apparently Peter Molyneux.

In an interview with TechRadar, Molyneux proclaimed that the backlash on Microsoft has been unfair. “It’s quite an unfair thought that Microsoft are trying to control our gaming, they’re trying to force us to be online all the time,” he said. “[People] didn’t really think that through.

“I know Microsoft, I know they were only doing things because they thought they were long-reaching and long-thinking. But the world we live in now is that we have to realize, especially if you’re a big corporation, if you make one step wrong, the world will leap on you, and unfairly, very unfairly, they will judge you.

“Like everything else in our world, when something turns slightly bad it goes very bad and you have to make big correctional steps to get yourself back on track… Microsoft did the reversal and we should have all turned around and said ‘fantastic, you’ve listened to what we’ve said.’ But you have to over-correct to get back on line.”

What? Really? Because Microsoft decided to bite the bullet and perform a miraculous 180 jump beneath the scowling eyes of the public, we should be grateful and appreciate the fact that they listened to us? What happened to their ears when all of their so-called futuristic features were simply rumors? What happened to their ability to listen during the backlash of Adam Orth’s taunts? It’s obvious that our words and opinions didn’t change.

Microsoft built themselves a pedestal that was just a tad bit too tall and now they’re trying to keep their balance while it crumbles beneath them. One thing I have always commented on was their elitist outlook. Microsoft believes that Microsoft shits gold… and then expects their young fans to eat it with a smile. The sad part? They do. And then they ask for seconds. Listen to any Xbox fanboy (yes, I said fanboy) babble on about the greatness their 360 console holds. It doesn’t matter how many times it’s been repaired and exchanged because of that pesky red ring. It doesn’t matter how much money they beg Mommy and Daddy to pay for their Gold subscriptions.

They have Halo and that makes them cool (I may be exaggerating a tad bit).

But apparently Molyneux believes that the future of gaming is online. “Whether as consumers we like it or not, just like every form of technology interaction, there’s an inevitability of online. We know that online is so much a part of our existence now that we’re going to be in a world very soon where we have to be online all the time.

“A mobile device is more and more non functional without a connection to the internet, and why should that be any different for consoles?

“You’ve got to give consumers the real benefit of why being online is a great thing for them. Why it’s great for gaming, why it’s great for their pockets and why it’s great for the experiences they’re having. If you have an online experience where millions of people interact together, something unique happens. And we don’t use that enough in gaming.”

I understand the importance of future goals. I understand that the majority of our technology now relies on the internet. I also understand that I could turn on my computer– the device that is most known for using the internet– and use everything but the internet if I choose to. If I want to hop on and play Neverwinter for the online experience, then I have the choice to. But if my internet provider decides to stop working for a few hours, I can still get on my computer and write.

My main issue about Microsoft is that they just didn’t care. This was how the Xbox One was going to be, and if you didn’t like it… well go buy the 360 instead. You can’t create a device meant for the future when the rest of the world isn’t ready for it. You’re simply neglecting and alienating the potential consumers that don’t have a choice but to say, “Sorry, your console just won’t work in my living room.”


What happens to the bad connections and lack of service in rural areas? Or students that depend on limited data? Until you can implement an internet connection that is truly “always-connected” and “alway-working”, you can’t sincerely believe that people are going to buy your product. You put yourself in the spotlight, Microsoft. You placed yourself in the competition as one of the leading brands of gaming and entertainment. What did you expect? Do you not pay attention to the way the gaming community works?

The majority of fans aren’t going to sit there and say, “Aww, they made a mistake. That’s okay, here’s my money anyway.” They’re going to come for your blood. Your hardcore fans, the same ones that bashed PS3 fans simply because they could, are going to spit on you and turn their backs. It’s stupid. It’s unfortunate. It’s immaturity. That’s just the way it is.

Me? I honestly just like to have a little bit of faith in a console I put my money into. I have no faith in Microsoft. Sorry, Peter, but I think you sound like an idiot.



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