Epsilon releases former Impact team after UMG Atlanta controversy


It was no secret that Team Impact, who performed as Epsilon in UMG Atlanta, created a bit of chaos inside the world of competitive gaming with their trash talk and their attitudes toward other teams as well as fans. Soon after placing 3rd, Epsilon dropped the controversial team and offered an official statement on their website.

“We strive day after day to assure an additional dimension to eSports. Since 2006, we have worked, like others before us, to bring a degree of professionalism to our domain and to create a set of rules followed by all.

“We must lead by example for the next generation. We have the chance to live our passions and we must thank our fans and the public for this privilege as we would not be here today without them and their support. Regardless of how a player may outplay another, there must be an understanding that he is studied and analysed by all, just as any other celebrity.

“Upon the recruitment of Impact, we were conscious of the issues of their public image, and tried to set a base of acceptable behavior by speaking with the line-up. Regardless of their attitudes towards nV being amicable and trash talk having a place in every sport, the public’s response was justifiably negative towards the overall behavior of the squad.

“It is thus with regret that today we must release the American Call of Duty line-up due to a lack of professional discipline during the Black Ops 2 tournament at UMG AtLANta 2013. Impact is composed of great, sociable players who are, once you look past the game, good people. However, we must maintain a standard of excellence and professionalism. The world of eSports will not only be advanced by inter-organizational relationships, but also the image that we present to our fans and the rest of the world.”


With their actions (and Killa’s obnoxious screaming) now even captured on YouTube, it doesn’t surprise me that such dramatic decisions were made. However, I am curious as to why Epsilon even carried Impact through a championship considering they knew how the players acted, even on main-stage. Did Epsilon sincerely think the line-up would mellow out if they asked them to? They’re specifically known to be the “bad guys” in the competitive scene.

Trash talking is a part of any kind of competitive gaming, and sometimes it can be an effective tool against challenging teams, but I think it was obvious that a line was crossed, and it’s nice to see that sponsors and companies aren’t as immature as the players. Important details need to be realized when a person becomes established as a pro player: You are nothing without your fans and sponsors. There is a line between friendly trash talk and acting unprofessional.



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