Customization a key focus in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer


The multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts landed on Wednesday, and as expected, the world has responded to the new features displayed. The multiplayer will focus heavily on character customization through the Create-A-Soldier feature. Players can choose things such as weapon loadouts, perks, and killstreaks like previous titles, but now they can alter their character’s physical appearance and gender.

Females finally exist.

Along with the new customization features, Ghosts also introduces a more dynamic battlefield atmosphere, allowing some areas to become destructible. Apparently it’s not as dynamic as Battlefield, but it introduces a more realistic landscape and can allow a few more choices to eliminate enemies. What is interesting is the importance of sound. Chain fences rattle with explosions and shells hitting a hardwood ground sound different than shells dropping onto dirt or steel. There are tiny measures to make things more realistic and immersive.

Combat brings in some slight changes to accompany Call of Duty’s fast-paced gamestyle. Players can now slide on their knees and lean around corners, but according to some, the results can be a bit mixed. The Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal information on IGN states, “Leaning around corners is easy, intuitive, natural, and helpful—but in a multiplayer game as kinetic as Call of Duty, stopping to peak around edges isn’t always the best tactic. Snipers and sneaky players can absolutely maximize kills by carefully finding a great spot, but most of us will likely continue to run around corners and we’ll probably be alright.

“Knee slides, on the other hand, go a long way. It’s as useful an evasive tactic as it is an aggressive one. Crouching while sprinting sends you sliding low to the ground, which is awesome for dodging headshots and catching enemies off guard. Vaulting over cover, as opposed to slamming into it from a crouch slide, is a minor difference most casual players won’t notice. It’s a little less awkward than hopping over cover, and it keeps your momentum, but it isn’t quite as Mirror’s Edge-smooth as the pitch may lead you to believe.”

New game modes are also included, creating new twists to game types that are already familiar. Cranked twists the normal Team Deathmatch game into an urgent chase for kills, adding a ticking timer that will cause the player to explode and die once it reaches zero. Scoring kills guarantees your survival, and forces the usual slow-paced Team Deathmatch game into a confusing frenzy… something I can probably appreciate.

Search and Rescue kind of combines the Search and Destroy objective with Kill Confirmed. Collecting a fallen foe’s dog tags will keep them from respawning. Collecting an ally’s tags will allow them to respawn, so with cooperative teammates, you can find yourself back in the game after death.



It’s no secret that during the live event in LA, some key YouTube entertainers and pro players were able to actually play Ghosts multiplayer. The leader of OpTic Gaming, better known as OpTicH3CZ, was allowed to publish some actual sniper gameplay. It’s definitely interesting so check it out!


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