New Legend of Korra trailer reveals release date


Lucky fans that attended the Legend of Korra panel at the last San Diego Comic-Con were able to actually watch the first episode of Book Two: Spirits, but now the rest of the world can share a sigh of relief. While fans knew that the first episode of book two would appear sometime in September, an actual release date has been revealed along with a brand new trailer.

I talked about Korra in a past Geek Force Network post, emphasizing my excitement about the appearance of the spirit world particularly for the fact that Korra isn’t really a spiritual avatar. Unlike Aang who contained a bit of “old” wisdom, Korra is more of a wild card, and it will be extremely interesting to see her tackle new issues outside of airbending.

“The south is spiritually unbalanced and it’s the avatar’s job to fix it,” Korra says in the trailer. I can’t wait to find out what happens!

The Legend of Korra Book Two will air on September 13th! Make sure you’re watching.


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