Leaked footage of a canceled Legend of Zelda movie revealed


A Legend of Zelda movie is one of those particular topics that generates a mixed response. A lot of people would love seeing Link on a movie screen, but to effectively make a movie could possibly mean abandoning the qualities that make the games memorable. However, in 2007, the Chinese studio IMAGI– known for their work on Astro Boy and CG TMNT features– presented a failed pitch to Nintendo for a Zelda movie.

And now there’s some leaked footage.

While I’m not too thrilled of the footage, just for the fact that it didn’t have that Zelda feel to it, it is interesting to see what could have been. What do you think of the leaked pitch?


2 thoughts on “Leaked footage of a canceled Legend of Zelda movie revealed

  1. I really thought this promo was pretty good. It didn’t have a total “Zelda feel” but it still had some. I think if it became a real movie they could have fleshed it out a bit more.

    • We have to remember, too, that this was just a failed pitch. If it had made it deeper into the movie-building process, then obviously changes would probably be made to flesh it out. It would have been interesting to see regardless.

      I’m one of those fans that wants to see Zelda on the big screen… but at the same time I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied by a movie. It’s a torturous thought process.

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