Possible new YouTube series, looking for guest speakers!


PhoenixDown is growing and expanding at an incredible rate, and some changes and new additions will slowly start to leak into the site. If you’ve checked out my submissions page (go look at it… gogogogo) then you’ve noticed that I’m looking for a plethora of types of content that don’t all circulate around gaming. While PhoenixDown will always primarily focus on the gaming industry, I understand that this place is turning into a hub for Geek Culture in general… and I love it. Because of the growth, I’m reaching out to other creative minds in the community. While nothing is set in stone as of right now, I’m thinking about making a possible YouTube series that focuses around the casual gamer (as well as other creators looking to expand their audience).

This is a chance to get your voice out there, either to help expand your own growth in the community, or just as someone interested in sharing some opinions about the popular topics in the industry. You don’t have to have your own YouTube channel, blog, etc. to join! As long as you can provide a link to your Twitter page (or Facebook if you want, but preferably Twitter) and you can clearly speak in a Skype call then you can participate. For those interested, feel free to add me on Skype and/or contact me on Twitter to schedule a time.

My plan is to host 10-15 minute episodes discussing general gaming topics that will most likely already be posted on my blog as well as interviewing you (if you’re trying to get your work noticed). All topics chosen, including interview questions, will be sent to you before the show so you can properly prepare. Any questions you may have can be directed either in the comments section below, on Twitter, email, or on Skype. I look forward to speaking with you!

Contact info:

  • Twitter
  • Skype – Bananakinskygrrl
  • Email- crystalkm@yahoo.com

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