Jkap leaves EnVyUs, joins OpTic


Roster changes are inevitable inside of the pro Call of Duty lineups, but everyone was shocked when it was revealed that Merk would be leaving OpTic Gaming. Many people assumed and wanted to see Jkap return to the Green Wall, and soon after he left EnVyUs, it was officially revealed that he would rejoin OpTic’s pro roster. So now that OpTic’s roster has been announced, now it’s time to wait for nV to announce their new 4th. This addition, in my opinion, is a little tougher to predict.

Mike “Hastr0” Rufail spoke a little bit on the subject, saying, “There are very few players we think fit. Ideally, we need a player who has skill, focus, determination, and stays collected. Our management is prepared to take care of that guy.” But who could this new guy be?

My eyes are on Killa. Despite his actions at UMG Atlanta, I think he would be a fantastic addition to EnVy’s roster, and he would undeniably enhance their skill. I think he’s learned his lesson, and with Impact sealing a disappointing finish at PAX Prime’s Invitational, I think Killa would not object to a positive change. But regardless who the ultimate choice will inevitably be, hopefully the new addition will help EnVyUs pull in some deserved wins. Their struggle has been painful to watch, and I can only hope to see some big showdowns between nV and OpTic in the near future.

Congrats to Jkap on the switch! I wish the best to both teams.


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