Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay introduces stunning combat


More news for Dragon Age: Inquisition is continuously leaking through the internet, and now some official gameplay footage (which looks gorgeous) has surfaced along with the other reveals BioWare has deliciously given. Dragon Age fans everywhere are becoming hyped over the new race choice available in Inquisition: Qunari. Male and female will both be available, and I look forward to seeing just how the story will unravel because of this particular race choice.

The system of combat looks more extensive, particularly considering that players can choose to switch to a tactical view. This system will cater to fans of the different styles, allowing some action-packed hack ‘n’ slash as well as some overhead decision-making combat, hopefully successfully meshing the two combat styles from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

Regardless, it’s obvious that BioWare has listened to the fans, and with such a large amount of time to create this game, I have no doubt that it will become a worthy entry inside the Dragon Age series.



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