The GTA V map is seriously huge… but we already knew that


I don’t know about the rest of you, but the main feature that attracts me to Grand Theft Auto games is the free roaming experience. There aren’t many games that allow you to play for hours without really having done anything, but that is just one of the unique qualities of Grand Theft Auto. We have about two weeks until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and I’m preparing myself for a massive free roaming session. Sure, mission-playing and working through the story will happen, but GTA V is going to be very inviting to the players that just want to waste a few hours.

And there will be a lot to explore! GTA V is enormous, not just in map size but in activity and mannerisms. From what I’ve heard, Los Santos and the surrounding areas will actually feel alive. Luke Reilly, Games Editor at IGN AU, wrote about his own hands-on experience with GTA V, particularly noting the amount of work and detail that’s placed into seemingly insignificant things. “The new crunch of spinning tires on grass and dirt. The way livid drivers angrily flip you off after collisions. The ubiquitous rain grooves of LA’s decaying freeways brought to life in Los Santos. The subtle ticking of a cooling engine after shutting off a car. The amount of work that’s gone into elements many gamers may not even notice continues to astonish.”

Talking about one of the missions he played called Repossession, Reilly talks about arriving in a dilapidated residential area with Franklin and his friend Lamar. “Lamar accosts a nearby homeless drunk in what I’m told is a totally unique encounter; a brief, one-of-a-kind interaction that serves to immerse players deeper and deeper in this living, breathing city and its surroundings.

“The main characters and NPCs alike are apparently bursting with thousands of custom animations, all of which are there to add valuable context to the world of GTA V.”

Exploration and curiosity will definitely play a part in observing this world, and with the amount of content and detail available, I look forward to several wasted hours simply enjoying it. Look forward to several gameplay videos after the release! But in the meantime, here is a video explaining the map of Los Santos. It’s huge (that’s what she said)!

Just in case you forgot, GTA V will be released on September 17. Not too much longer!


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