Sony has its own virtual reality headset to show off…



The idea of virtual reality is no unfamiliar concept,  but now with technology advancing, the idea is becoming a bit more applicable. Originally intended to be revealed at Gamescom, Sony is currently “weighing up whether the PS4 device should be pitched as a key differentiator for the console or a non-essential add-on.”

Continuous news and insight from the Oculus Rift makes me wonder if Sony is truly planning to pull out some solid rivalry, but there have been rumors suggesting the two companies may actually be seeking a partnership.  CVG recently spoke with an anonymous games developer familiar with Sony’s plans. Apparently, Evolution Studios is currently working with the device to simulate a cockpit view on PS4’s DriveClub.

This sounds like an interesting route for PS4 to take, particularly if the rumors of a possible partnership with Oculus Rift are true. However, I’ve been a firm skeptic of virtual reality in general, and I’m unsure that anything like this would become something more than just another gimmick. But it doesn’t change the fact that technology is inevitably growing, and the possibilities are becoming more and more realistic. Perhaps soon, video gaming may possibly be taken over by the idea of a truly virtual reality experience.

I guess we’ll find out…


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