Some extra details about GTA Online have appeared… and they’re amazing



We have less than two week until the huge release of Grand Theft Auto V, but Rockstar is still teasing GTA Online which goes live October 1. IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey was able to get his hands on some GTA Online and revealed some exciting details that only solidifies just how awesome Grand Theft Auto’s online experience is going to be. “Based on what I saw, it is everything you’ve always dreamed an online GTA should be. It even has elements of persistence, though it’s definitely not an MMO.”


The possibilities in GTA Online are pretty damn extensive, allowing you and your friends the opportunity to rob liquor stores together with the ability to equip masks and glasses from a menu. Apparently once you walk into the convenience store, you can point your gun at the cashier and actually yell at him through your mic to intimidate him. 

What’s interesting is the decisions your friends can make. The person that actually carries the money you helped steal can divide it anyway he/she wants to. “He could give you 10% but then you could simply stop the car, get out, shoot him in the face, and take all the money for yourself. Or, you know, you could just split it 50-50 like gentlemen.”

Money and the safety of it is extremely important in GTA Online. Once you save up enough, you can use that to make your experience so much larger by purchasing vehicles, apartments, etc. But what’s cool about the money is the fact that you can lose it. 

ATMs are set up throughout the map where you can deposit and withdraw money in order to make big purchases. If you are killed, your wallet can be picked up and you’ll lose the money that’s in it. Apparently places like Ammu-Nation and real-estate brokers accept debit cards as well. You can also do your banking from your “iFruit” cell phone. 


Once you earn some big cash, you can buy your own apartment and invite your friends over to hang out. It has been confirmed that you can “take hits off of your bong” and even get high which will have screen-altering effects. You can also use the telescope to look across town and even watch the in-game TV. 

“If other folks in your crew are out causing trouble, you can turn on Weasel News on your apartment TV and actually follow their shenanigans live, as covered by the San Andreas news channel.”

But if you feel like getting out of the house for a while, you and your friends can go to the movies and also strip clubs. “There is a ‘Make it Rain’ button to use while your friends look on. You’re also able to touch the girls during private dances, but wait for the bouncer to look away before you do. Get caught being touchy-feely three times and you’ll be tossed out on the street.”


And if you’re feeling a little less edgy, you can also go play some tennis or golf. “As was hinted in the trailers, GTA V contains fully playable golf and tennis mini-games. Except there’s nothing ‘mini’ about them. I got to play both, and it’s like having Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Top Spin hidden inside San Andreas. 

“Several tennis courts dot Los Santos, while the city contains one 18-hole golf course. Tennis can be played in two-player online, while golf can accommodate a foursome.”

But outside of the free-roaming, you and your friends can also hook up to work through missions. Hundreds of missions will be available in a mission playlist at launch, including everything from 2-player missions to full-blown 16-player-quests. 

But if you don’t feel like sifting and voting through the playlist, you can just make your own missions. This is something we’ve already heard about, and while more options will be available throughout GTA Online’s life, deathmatch and race editors will be immediately available on launch.


On and off road races can be held as well. “At any point, you can link up with a friend or 12, drop a pin anywhere on the map, and once everyone agrees, a countdown timer will start. In my race, two Rockstar reps dueled– each in a high-performance sports car– trading paint and verbal jabs over the headset.

“It was a tight race until suddenly the four-lane road they were speeding down was blocked by police cars. As they flew through the narrow opening in the middle of the road, I saw that it was two other players causing this carnage, triggering a four-star wanted level and a shootout with the police!

“This was no doubt staged for my demo, but it’s clear that, especially in a 16-player game, random insane encounters like this can and absolutely will happen organically. It’s like Rockstar took most of Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed: Most Wanted and shoved them in here, albeit in a world 10 times as large.”




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