The PS4 controller will apparently work on your PC



This may be an interesting new detail to prominent PC players. Supposedly the PS4 controller can be used on your PC. A user on Reddit shared that it was confirmed by a Galak-Z developer on the show floor at PAX.

“The PS4 controller will work on PC natively via USB. It was not confirmed if it works via bluetooth, and the laptop it was running on had Windows 7. It was also not confirmed that the touchpad worked natively.”

If the touchpad could be used to map mouse movement on the PC then there is no doubt that the PS4 controller could potentially become the ultimate gaming PC controller.

After initially submitting the post, the author returned stating, “Per this game dev, Galak-Z currently is not stable on the PS4. Thus they had PCs with DS4s on the show floor running the game. I asked if this implied the PS4 controller works on PC, which he said, ‘yes it works as a regular USB controller’.

“As other people have said, Transistor as well was running on PC using wired PS4 controllers.”

As I haven’t seen any other official confirmation, take this news with a grain of salt, but it seems that PC players may have a beneficial new addition to their equipment.


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