Merk talks about joining nV, Optic, and his mindset in new video


When Optic Gaming released their official statement about their roster change and Merk’s drop, the backlash was heavy on both sides. Merk was a part of Optic for three years and it was a decision that left a lot of fans shocked. It was obvious that Merk was in a very dark mindset and he admitted to saying some foolish things that definitely left a negative imprint within Optic as well as his friendship with the team. Depression is difficult to fight against and it was obvious that Merk was struggling, but I personally think this change will benefit him in the long run.

In his video Merk reveals that he is not immediately moving into the nV house. It was originally stated that he would relocate to the headquarters in North Carolina, but it seems he has decided not to. And maybe that will be a good thing since he’s learned a lot about living with teammates. Living with each other changes things, and I think he’s really learned that lessons. However, he has stated that he will join them at the headquarters two weeks before Gfinity, so hopefully that kind of a practice will help the team coordinate and develop chemistry.

JKap looks like a pretty good addition to Optic after seeing him scrim with the team. Despite some careless organization at times, Optic seemed to carry nice chemistry and great communication. I can’t wait to see how Merk performs with nV. I’m so excited to see these two teams compete against each other.


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