Am I seriously writing about a commercial? Nerf Rebelle- It’s Nerf… for girls, and it makes me sick


Ever watch something you weren’t expecting and it just makes you absolutely dumbfounded? And not dumbfounded in a good way either. More like dumbfounded by the mass spread of stupidity. I wonder how many times I can say the word “dumbfounded”. Anyway, there’s a television commercial about Nerf guns. Nothing spectacularly new there. But now they’re making Nerf weapons for girls. Because Katniss Everdeen can shoot a bow so now girls should be able to stylishly shoot Styrofoam from one. Key word there is stylish.

The Heartbreaker is a bow-like weapon in the girlish series of Nerf guns washed in pink, purple, and white. Because you got to look just downright cute when you pop that pesky neighborhood boy in the forehead with some foam.

Maybe I’m just in a mood today. Maybe I should be happy that girls are being included in something that doesn’t involve nail polish and frilly dresses. Or maybe people are dumb. Hey, girls, we make Nerf guns for the guys but now you’re actually allowed to play too! See all of the pretty colors and girl-power names? Because who wouldn’t have fun posing with a pink gun called “Pink Crush”?

I don’t even know what I’m rambling about. Maybe there’s not a particular reason other than just feeling wrong. But I’ll let you leave your own opinions about it!


9 thoughts on “Am I seriously writing about a commercial? Nerf Rebelle- It’s Nerf… for girls, and it makes me sick

  1. While I see your point and do agree that the product goes a bit too far in how specific its marketing is, there probably is something to be said about NERF guns (and even water guns) being marketed in the hands of little girls. All I ever remember is girls being the target of those items by rampaging boys.

    At least now women can shoot back … assuming they were some sort of Green Lantern, weak to any color that’s not pink, purple, or white.

    • Very true, but they could have just as easily picked up a boyish blue and black Nerf gun and do the same! But maybe that’s just because I grew up as a maniacal tomboy that terrorized the neighborhood.

      I guess that’s why I just don’t understand the marketing. Being a powerful girl doesn’t mean that you picked up a pink Nerf weapon because it was marketed toward you.

      • I completely agree with you. If NERF appeals to a child then they can pick up a regular gun. I don’t understand why they need to differentiate between boys and girls, with girls being given a pink and purple bow and the boys getting blue guns.

        When I was a kid we played guns with our fingers. This involved jumping out of trees and aiming our index fingers at our enemies (and yelling BANG), hiding in bushes, behind doors, etc., the most hardcore would even hide in empty wheelie bins. When we got a little older our fingers were replaced by pellet guns or super soakers. The majority of the girls on my road played too.

        This new idea that girls need a pink bow and a tagline that reads, “Look girls, now you can play with the boys!” makes me uncomfortable and a little angry myself.

      • Well after visiting the official site, I found that they’re actually using it to promote “girl power,” I suppose. The girls now able to play with boys statement was mainly my own sarcasm, but that is still the impression I get.

        It gets to me that they try to promote a “strong” female image by marketing girly designs, as if girls can’t join the party unless they flaunt their feminine side. Which may be a little bit of an overreaction considering this is a toy meant for kids, but I still stand by it.

  2. What’s so wrong with just including girls in their normal marketing, using the products that they already manufacture? There’s something to be said about how colors are gendered, but this entire approach is wrongheaded.

    At least they’re including women in their marketing?

    • I agree with this completely. Advertising with stuff like NERF should have always involved girls and boys. The color things is just perpetuating the stereotype that women are supposed to like cute pink things. I have always used NERF products, regardless of the color, because they are fun not because “OMG IT’S PINK NOW!!”

      This reminds me of those “girl” Legos. You know, the ones in which the girls go shopping or to a friends house for a party rather than fight crime or save lives like the “boy” Legos. It’s like, I guess it’s nice that girls are being involved but at the same time it’s stereotypical. I mean that girl in the picture isn’t even holding the bow right. Not even a little bit.

  3. I feel like this is good or bad. For one thing, nerf is finally acknowledging that we can shoot guns and we like to do that to, it’s not just a guy thing or anything. On the other hand, it’s again marketed to only girls, as if the other ones aren’t for girls, here, here’s some weapons for you, these are the ones for girls.

  4. hey, i have used Nerf guns for quite some time now and I. AM. A. GIRL.

    nerf was made for all who want to use them. yes, they look more boyish but girls still have fun too like me. heck, i started the yearly nerf war in my club!!! you cant tell me that nerf was made JUST for boys. i dont need girly pink stuff as an invitation to join something i already know i can ROCK! i also shoot real guns in real life but i find nerf to be a fun way to play as well. i dont mean to sound all mean here, its just that i feel kinda insulted that you would think that all girls are into nail polish and pink stuff. i’m so tomboy and i love nerf. nerf forever.

    • I don’t think all girls are “into nail polish and pink stuff.” The article was written specifically because I feel the same way you do… albeit with more sarcasm which may have cause a bit of bad communication.

      I wish I could find the actual commercial. I grew up playing with Nerf guns and using sticks as swords before becoming a martial artist. It struck me kind of weird that Nerf would promote a weapon specifically to make girls look “pretty” while they shot things. Feel free to send what you wrote to Nerf instead.

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