Unite drops Mboze, Killa joins Unite, SoaR drops Realize, official list of roster changes


Update: Mirx, formerly on Impact, has officially joined Curse.

It seems that roster changes are happening everywhere. Optic has JKap, nV has Merk, and now other teams are making changes everywhere. In a surprising move after their win at PAX Prime, Unite has officially cut ties with Mboze.

Chris “Parasite” Duarte released a statement on Twitter saying, “Us at UNITE have been talking among ourselves these last few days. Although we had recent success at PAX we decided that we needed to balance our team out. We got through PAX by the skin of our teeth.

“We lost every Hardpoint but on. Our SnD is great and so is our CTF however our HP game was struggling. UNITE has decided to release Mboze. Myself, Ricky, and Nameless already have our 4th in mind. We will be making the announcement soon. It was always tough making decisions like these after a successful event, however, we feel it will only benefit our team and help us maintain consistency at future events.

“For those of you that have been here with UNITE Gaming and myself for this whole time, thank you. We hope to have your continued support in the future.”

And soon after, Adam “Killa” Sloss, Parasite’s former teammate of the dissipated Impact, officially announced his new placement on UNITE.

In response to the announcement, Parasite said, “When it comes to consistency, there is no better player than Killa. Welcome to the team. Glad to be reUNiTED with him.”

Also, SoaR has decided to part ways with Derrek “Realize” Jordan in the midst of all of the other changes occurring in the Call of Duty eSports teams. With Mboze dropped from UNiTE, rumors of his return to SoaR have been sparked. In the meantime, Realize will most likely be searching for a roster to compete in UMG.

As of right now, here are the official roster changes. Look for updates here as they change.

  • Optic Gaming – BigTymer, Nadeshot, Scump, JKap
  • Envy – Rambo, Proofy, Karma, Merk
  • Unite – Nameless, Parasite, Ricky, Killa
  • Soar – Stainville, Heist, Methodz, ?
  • Curse – CMPLX, Twizz, BlFire, Mirx

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