Was Complexity cheating with different game settings?


I thought about talking about this in a video but overall the situation doesn’t really motivate me to say too much to fill a particular time frame. The Call of Duty eSports world has been experiencing quite a few changes as teams have been building new rosters, but that is not all of the action taking place at the tail end of Black Ops 2’s professional life. Now, with the exposure of certain Xbox Dashboard settings, it seems that a lot of people are calling Complexity out for cheating.

What settings are being changed? Apparently certain minor switches in settings can affect your multiplayer aim assist while playing offline. Meaning that the settings apparently only work during LAN or normal split-screen play (correct me if I’m wrong). Complexity has been known to make these certain changes and because of this, many people and teams are now saying that the professional team has been using these to play better and to obtain an unfair advantage over the competition.

Complexity has been slated as one of the best Call of Duty teams in the world, sealing a 3-peat win streak until PAX Prime where they were finally overcome by Unite Gaming. Supposedly at PAX, teams were trying out the changed settings after they were exposed, and some are saying that because Complexity was playing at an “equal” level with other teams, they weren’t able to solidify a 4-peat win.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and in a way, it really smacks the professionalism down a few levels. I could understand this to be considered cheating if the settings weren’t available to other players. But the fact is, these settings have existed for years! Other teams can use them or choose not to. Ultimately, I don’t see the big deal. Whether or not they actually truly help with aim assist, it just seems like a pathetic detail to focus on in the grand scheme of things, and it creates some unnecessary tension in the community.

On Twitter, Complexity’s Clayster spoke out on the issue. “Just to touch on a few things, we first made up these settings as a joke to mess with other pro players at PAX. We started showing them how setting your game default campaign setting to ‘easy’ made the game ‘easy’.

“People fail to realize we were doing this purely as a form of entertainment and also to get inside other players’ minds and make them think there’s some grand conspiracy when in actuality it doesn’t affect anything. It was hilarious to hear pro players say, ‘yeah, my shot is better!’ when it actually doesn’t do A THING. It’s all in their head.

“I don’t change any of my settings in there. Neither does Teep or Aches. Crim does but only because he’s been doing it since Halo, and says that it makes his sensitivity about a 4.5.”

In the meantime, people were checking out the settings for themselves, creating videos demonstrating the details. Whether or not this truly affects aim assist is up to you to determine. But the ultimate question is: Do you think Complexity was cheating?


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