My excitement for GTA V may be a bit unhealthy… but that’s perfectly okay!

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GTA V comes out in eight days, and I’m kind of feeling like a kid waiting for her birthday. Time is moving way too damn slow! I have a bunch of stuff to do like bicycle riding through Los Santos, skydiving out of jets, base jumping off of buildings that I crash my jet on, finding a new jet after I crash my jet, maybe some golf when I can’t find another jet, hunting for Bigfoot because he definitely does exist (you better not tell me otherwise), and spending my hard-earned cash on properties and other things I don’t need. I also have to play some tennis. I hate tennis but I’m excited to play it. What have you done to me, Rockstar?!

Every other GTA fan is probably experiencing the same feelings I am. The sweaty palms, the stuttered speech, the awkward daydreams where you drool and you don’t…

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