The map of GTA V was leaked… and there’s a lot to explore



Everyone already knows that GTA V is going to be huge, both in content and map size, and now just a week before release, the official map has been leaked. GTA V is split into two different counties: Los Santos County and Blaine County with both city and country to explore, including areas such as Mount Chiliad and Los Santos International Airport. The map is littered with icon destinations symbolizing where certain services can be found such as barber shops, clothes shops, car mods, and properties. But the extra activities are posted as well, and it looks like there are plenty of places to play some tennis and spend some time being a daredevil outside of missions.

All-in-all, GTA V is going to be the perfect invitation for the curious explorer, and with the map expected to be fully unlocked from the beginning of play (the first time this has happened in any GTA title), it is going to provide several hours of aimless entertainment… perfect for someone like me who enjoys free-roaming.



3 thoughts on “The map of GTA V was leaked… and there’s a lot to explore

  1. Not sure if you got to see this image, but to show how big that map actually is, and in order to clear the doubts from the public in general, there is an image that shows the proportion of the map, I posted it in my facebook page, you might want to add it in here (sorry to post the link directly but I have no idea how to post an image in this reply box)

  2. Less than a week away and the wait is still unbearable. Tuesday, hurry the hell up already.

    First chance I get, I’m ditching the story and heading to the wilderness to hunt the wildlife. One of my favorite things to do in RDR was hunt in Tall Trees at night. I think it’s going to be even better here.

    The map is massive. Can’t wait to go on vacation to Los Santos and explore every part of the map.

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