Rumors suggest no audio and video capturing can be used through HDMI on PS4


Rumors like this are absolutely terrifying for someone who relies on devices such as the Hauppauge HD PVR, Elgato, or other similar capture cards to record gameplay. Machinima released a video today revealing news from a “reliable source” explaining how no audio and video can be captured through HDMI on the PlayStation 4.

PS3 users (like me) can “sidestep” that particular issue by using the PS3’s component output, but unfortunately, the PS4 does not have this capability. Many people (again like me) assumed the “share” button function on the PS4’s controller would successfully share gameplay footage on YouTube, but apparently this share function only includes PSN, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

So if this rumor is true, there will be no legal way to capture and record gameplay. While the source is stated to be reliable, Sony has not yet confirmed this news. This news sounds terrifying, but it isn’t something I’m going to panic about just yet.

With the ability to stream to Twitch, people will have the ability to cut that video and upload it to YouTube just like everyone else. But my main concern about streaming directly from the console is the quality of video. Hopefully with this news spreading, Sony will reach out to make some sort of statement. As the competition between Sony and Microsoft continues to heat up as their respectable release dates quickly approach, I don’t think Sony will allow such news to go untouched, especially if it has the power to send people over to Microsoft’s hands.

Will this be the first negative slash against Sony’s “white knight” image? Keep your eyes out for later updates.


3 thoughts on “Rumors suggest no audio and video capturing can be used through HDMI on PS4

  1. I can see how that can be a bad thing for Sony. Right now i’m more swayed to the Xbox One over the PS4 because the exclusives look better. I’ve been gaming on my laptop for almost a year now, honestly I think I might stick to PC gaming for now because neither of the new consoles has the power that my rig has, and most really good games come out for the PC too and I can run them better. I love gaming on consoles but the first releases of them are usually buggy, and i’ll be damned if I get another red ring, or even worse on Sony’s part have my account hacked into.

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