eSportsNation partners with Gamers Edge Eyewear


Writing about video games as a job can be a pretty extensive process, and when I’m not planted in front of my television to work through the latest games, I’m stuck in front of my computer screen typing out all sorts of video game related stuff. Eye strain is a huge problem, not just for gamers but for people who are forced to spend hours burning their retinas with their computer screens.  Headaches and eye irritation can become massive problems! So when eSportsNation partnered up with Gamers Edge Eyewear, I was immediately excited.

I was born with lazy eye and had corrective surgery when I was young, so my eyes tend to be a little more sensitive than most. Heavy light hurts, I can’t see 3D without it making me ill, and staring at normal screens for too long can give me horrible headaches. So of course I would end up choosing a career where I have to live in front of a screen for hours at a time.


For those of you who are interested in trying out these stylish glasses, but can’t afford anything overpriced, you’re in luck! Not only are these glasses already highly affordable, but you can use the code “ESN” at the checkout to get 20% off of your purchase. Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it? So make sure you go check out their selection, and if you use eSportsNation’s code, let me know!



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