The Liebster Award


 n. sweetheart, beloved person, darling

I absolutely adore awards like this because it introduces me to new writers and content. There is so much talent out here yet to be discovered so if this is the first time you’ve visited PhoenixDown, welcome! Thank you so much to Game Blog Girl for nominating me for the Liebster award. Knowing that I have the power to reach and entertain someone with my content is what makes this community priceless. This has been in my backlog forever now, and I know I’m breaking the rules but time has been nonexistent recently. However I still wanted to get my thanks out.

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

11 facts

  1. Talking about myself like this is not one of my specialties so finishing this list is going to take a long time.
  2. I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pencil. I’ve always wanted to write stories and publish books. Even if it’s not a source of income or a success, my dream is to have my own books to show off. Consider it a way of reaching immortality.
  3. Outside of writing articles I enjoy dabbling in fiction, poetry, and songwriting. I’ve always wanted to record my own music, but singing has always been a personal gift and it’s difficult for me to sing for others.
  4. While it would be a dream to work for a place like IGN, I actually want to develop my own business.
  5. If I had the money, I’d create game labs for competitive local LANs as a way to keep kids off of the streets.
  6. I’m a super perfectionist when it comes to my work. I don’t mind working with a team, but I’m usually only satisfied when I can complete projects by myself, even if it means learning something new.
  7. When I came up with the idea of Crash Test Games, I envisioned it as a company dedicated to making games that would combine a retro essence with a current twist. I even have a script full of edits and notes written for my own game. However CTG was an idea way ahead of its time, and it dissipated into a simple podcast.
  8. I’m a hardcore Dragon Age addict. I have the tendency to become attached to games that allow me to introduce my own image and morals into a story. BioWare’s stories and characters, while flawed, still present a perfect mixture of storytelling and gameplay that I can’t resist.
  9. I love Greek Mythology (Edith Hamilton’s Mythology is the only book that isn’t covered in dust). Most of my fiction is inspired by it.
  10. I knew for sure that I wanted to be a writer after winning an essay contest in 2nd grade. I was awarded by our congressman. At that time I wasn’t sure why that was such a big deal, but explaining my topic on stage was such an awesome experience.
  11. I love all of you. And that’s a fact. The 11th one to be exact. Rhymez.

Game Blog Girl’s Questions

1. What is your first video game related memory?

The Legend of Zelda was the primary game that introduced me to gaming. My dad would always play A Link to the Past, but I spent more time watching than playing. My favorite games growing up were Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VIII even though I sucked at it.

2. Favorite arcade game(s)?

I always enjoyed playing the Time Crisis games as well as the Rush racing games. It was always a big deal when I was allowed to go out for pizza and arcade gaming.

3. Favorite console(s)?

N64 and PS3

4. How many Pokemon games have you owned? Be honest, I’m absolutely certain it is at the very least one.

My GameBoy was primarily used for Pokemon. I played up to the Silver and Gold versions. After that I kind of transitioned into just console gaming. Pokemon Snap was a favorite as well.

5. What is the most underrated video game, in your opinion?

I’m not sure if this would be the most underrated game, but I feel like Final Fantasy VIII didn’t receive as much love beneath the shadow of Final Fantasy VII. VIII is probably my favorite of the series.

6. Most underrated film?

Whew, I’m pretty clueless about this one. I may come back and answer this one later.

7. Why are you blogging?

I wanted to combine my passion of video games with my passion of writing. Being a video game journalist was something I never really considered, but I enjoy reaching out and having a voice in the community.

8. What are your video game guilty pleasures?

Dragon Age 2 is probably the largest. Most people complain about it (it is a very flawed game), but I have spent hours replaying it.

9. Favorite quote?

“Be Here Now.” It’s actually the title of a song by Ray LaMontagne that everyone should check out. Love it.

10. Who are you as a blogger? Or, who are you as a blogger? Put the emphasis where you think it’s necessary and answer appropriately.

I’m simply a video game nerd who wants her own place in the industry & community!

11. Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson?



4 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. “Talking about myself like this is not one of my specialties so finishing this list is going to take a long time.”

    Hmm…how long did you take to write this then 😉

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