Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us launches October 11



Telltale Games created a fan favorite with the episodic play-through of The Walking Dead, a companion game to the hit television show. Now, Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us is launching this Friday, reiterating Telltale’s episodic style of storytelling, this time based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series from Vertigo.

In Fables, classic fairytale icons have fled into the real world in an attempt to hide their existence. However, unlike the classic fairytales, iconic characters carry much darker themes. “Prince Charming is a womanizing cheater, and Cinderella uses her good looks to exploit information as a spy.”

In an attempt to do justice to a fan favorite such as Fables, Telltale has sought input not only from Willingham, but also DC Comics.

“From day one, we shared the story seeds, the look, and the character design with the folks at DC and with [Willingham],” CTO and president Kevin Bruner stated. “Everybody’s contributing to the process, so it’s a really healthy, good relationship.

“We have the luxury at Telltale [to] pick and choose our projects based on things we really love and that we’re fans of, and that we really think we can make an enormously kick-ass game out of it.”

The Wolf Among Us will first launch on Xbox 360 and PC. On PC, a season pass is available for a 10% discount off of the regular $24.99 price, however this is only offered until the game launches on Friday.

Xbox 360 users can buy each episode for $4.99 or they can purchase a $14.99 season pass which will cover episodes two through five.

The release date for PS3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but users can purchase each episode for $4.99 or choose the season pass for $19.99. “Telltale expects that PS3 owners will have access just a few days after Episode 1, titled Faith, launches on the other platforms.”



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