eSportsNation partners with Prozone Apparel



At the edge of the upcoming MLG Invitational and UMG Dallas, eSportsNation is showcasing their continuing growth by announcing a partnership with Prozone Apparel!  

“Prozone Apparel are very happy to become the official outfitting partner of ESN. We are very happy to have such a prestigious and respected outlet to deliver on the news of our service of the future. Prozone Apparel is keen to establish itself as the rightful market leader by sporting the best quality, prices and service on the market with the aim to empower teams and players with branding solutions, allowing them to showcase themselves as professionals in the community. We are working tirelessly to launch the service as soon as we can and allowing fans to support their favourite teams. I would like to thank all ESN staff for their respect and dedication to a partnership.”

For those who follow both eSportsNation and Prozone Apparel on Twitter, you can enter in a giveaway for a free ESN jacket! Look how awesome it is. Huge congrats to both ESN and Prozone. It’s so awesome to be a part of a growing influence in the community.





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