PS4 to get iOS and Android companion app



The release date of Sony’s next-generation console is quickly approaching, but it appears that the PS4 will also have an app for iOS and Android devices. The free PlayStation App will launch November 13 in North America and November 22 in Europe.

The big purpose of the new app is to enable tablets and smartphones to be used for second-screen gaming with PS4 titles. One example of this will be demonstrated through The Playroom, a title that will come pre-installed on PS4 system. Players will be able to draw images on their mobile devices which will appear as 3D objects in the game world.

But what sounds interesting to me is the ability to watch friends play games on their own PS4 either through live-streamed sessions or uploaded video. The app will also allow players to message their friends, look through their trophy collections, and buy new games and DLC. It will also serve as a remote control for the system which will allow users to control media playback as well as switch the system in and out of standby mode.




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