Wizard World Nashville was absolutely amazing!




There’s a particular energy that surrounds Comic Con that you only get a taste of from the reactions and opinions of people who have actually been to one. It’s incredibly tame compared to the energy you find yourself in once you enter that show room for the very first time. It’s one of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever experienced– being so completely excited and enamored that it overwhelms you in almost a frightening way. It’s all of your wishes and all of your expectations wrapped up in this massive explosion that you just can’t prepare yourself for no matter how hard you try.


I live in Tennessee but I’ve never actually visited Nashville. Walking down Broadway, especially at night, was such a foreign and beautiful experience. I had the greatest cheeseburger ever at The National Underground and finally, finally understood a bit of the attraction of cowboy boots. I got to see Bridgestone Arena and desperately wished I could catch a Predators game. I ended up with blisters on my feet and I didn’t even care.

But nothing compared to walking into Wizard World for the first time. Even before you enter the show room, you’re immediately immersed inside a sea of character. The cosplay and passion is absolutely amazing, and I immediately regretted not having a costume of my own. Inside, the atmosphere is electric. I could see my favorite comic book, video game, and television characters walking around posing for pictures. Darth Vader did a force choke on my friend Cortney… but she obviously enjoyed it.


I nearly tripped into Kevin Sorbo, and Norman Reedus called me a sweetheart which forced me to run off giggling after having my picture made with him. R2D2 seemed to have a thing for the ladies, and I wish I could have brought such an awesome conversationalist home with me. Henry Winkler is as inspirational as he is hilarious, and I was able to meet and do martial arts with Jason David Frank which reignited my intense love for Power Rangers and martial arts in general. I also finally got a pair of 8-bit glasses!

It was a dream come true and a chance of a lifetime.

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