Threads of Fate is a short and fun RPG worth revisiting



I discovered Threads of Fate during that childhood phase where I would always randomly choose games to rent based on the look of the case. Sometimes, judging a game by its cover managed to yank out a few gems, and Threads of Fate quickly became one of the PlayStation titles that would forever become a favorite, simply because of the nostalgia it delivers now.

Threads of Fate allows you to choose between two characters: Rue, an enigmatic and mysterious boy, and Mint, a spunky girl warring for world domination. No matter who you choose, the two character’s storylines often intertwine.

Rue is a physical fighter who depends on the brutality of his axe, but he can also temporarily transform into the beasts he slays which will help you maneuver through specific areas that you explore as well as assist in battle since Rue can replicate enemy attacks while in their form.  Mint’s gameplay is completely different, adding a nice ability for replay with her dual hand loops which introduce a nice physical combat system to coincide with her elemental magic capabilities. These two characters are so humorously different that it forces you to play through the game at least twice in order to explore the dialogue and different situations.


The gameplay itself is easy to get used to, and it’s nice to play a RPG that doesn’t rely on a turn-based combat system. Quickly moving through enemies in a hack-and-slash routine is entertaining and keeps the story moving with a fluid pace which meshes well with the quick dialogue and humorous encounters. While the story lacks the depth you can find in more serious and darker games such as Final Fantasy VIII, etc., Thread of Fate shines through its characters. The dialogue is quick and witty, and the characters each have an identifiable voice which is easy to read through as you progress through the story.

The graphics are simple yet colorful which is nice considering the how shocking it is to move backwards in time to encounter such early 3D environments. It’s always alarming to move back into a game such as this after working through other “present” RPGs like Dragon Age, however, this factor only enhances the charm and doesn’t really take away from the overall experience. If you’re looking for a quick RPG with some replay value, then Threads of Fate is a title you should definitely check out.


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