Super Power Beat Down: White Ranger vs Scorpion


It’s no competition for me. As someone who grew up living and breathing Power Rangers, the White Ranger wins everything with no problem (at least in my mind). I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Jason David Frank (green/white/red/black Power Ranger) in Nashville at Wizard World and became immediately excited when he began talking about this video. Not only was it something new, but it placed his famous character into a new, more mature setting, something that many people have been itching to see.


So while this video was fun simply because of the content, it was awesome to watch because it proved that the Power Rangers (or at least Tommy Oliver) could exist outside of a kid’s fantasy. Scorpion used to give me horrible nightmares as a child (we used to sneak and play Mortal Kombat… sorry, Mom), and while he’s definitely one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters, I was ready to watch the White Ranger do some ass-kicking.

Bat in the Sun did a wonderful job and obtained an immediate subscriber out of me, so make sure you check out the other videos in the Super Power Beat Down series. Let me know who you think deserves the win in the video below: The White Ranger or Scorpion?


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