Black Friday Report: 3DS XL and PS3 prices will plummet


Holiday season is officially arriving and people are already keeping an eye out for special Black Friday deals. Target seems to be preparing to deliver some awesome prices for those of you interested in getting your hands on a brand new PS3 or Nintendo 3DS XL.

At a normal price of around $199.99, the 3DS XL will drop to a nice $149.99, perfect for the latecomers who want some Pokemon action. What is more interesting to me, however, is the PlayStation 3 deal. Bundled with Batman: Arkham Origins and The Last of Us, this PS3 deal will be available for $199.99, a hefty drop from the normal $269.99 price. With next-gen consoles ready to be stocked on the shelves, now would be the perfect time to snag a wonderful deal on a current gen console.

That PS3 bundle sounds awfully appetizing… *wink wink*  *hint hint*


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